Reseller Garage Sale Shopping Tips

Don't Forget Your App

Be sure to have your phone charged and apps ready to use so you can research prices on the go.

Bring Your Change

Make sure your purse or wallet is stocked with plenty of quarters and $1 bills.

Don't Spend Too Much

For lower value items, only pay 1/3 of what it's worth (i.e. Resell item for$20 = don't spend more than $6.50 for it.)

Online Garage Sales

Check out your local Facebook Online Garage Sales and Classified Pages

Learn to Negotiate

Don't be afraid to negotiate theprice on used or damageditems.

Consider Shipping

Before purchasing an item, consider how difficult it will be to ship the item.

Check for Flaws

Be sure to check for flaws and stains before buying. You may be able to ask for less if there is damage.

Test Electronics

Ask the seller for permission to plug in and test electronics before buying them.