Items Resellers Should Look for At Garage Sales

1. Clothing

Be on the look out for name brand and vintage clothing. Check out our list on brands to look for here.

2. Vintage Electronics​

Older electronics can be very sought after by collectors and often bring good prices online.​

3. Textbooks​

Preowned homeschool and college textbooks are great because people like paying cheaper to buy used online then paying the new prices.​

4. Legos

All types of legos have some value... even if you collect them and sell as a large lot.​

5. Old Apple Devices​

Old iPods, iPhones, and iPads have value - even if broken. You can resell them individually or as lots of two or more​

6. Small Appliances​

You can resell small appliances such as coffee pots and food processors as whole units or in parts.​

7. Hair Curlers

Many vintage hot rollers and curlers .are worth picking up to resell. Be sure to plugin the unit and make sure they heat up before buying.​