Garage Sale Negotiation Tips For Every Yard Sale Shopper

Would you rather try and survive a zombie apocalypse than negotiating a deal?

Never fear, just use these garage sale negotiation tips! It is not uncommon for most to feel a bit awkward or hesitant when considering negotiating for a better price but as a reseller, you are leaving money on the table if you don’t try and get those items at rock bottom prices.

Use Small Bills

Don’t expect someone to accept your $5 offer when you’re holding a $20 bill in your hand. They know you have the money to pay more! Pay with exact change and discreetly pull your money from your wallet. Don’t pull out a whole wad and flip through the bills. That makes asking for less look greedy… even though that’s not likely your intention.

Visit Later in the Day

While you risk the good items being gone later in the day, the seller might be willing to take less because they are thinking about all the cleanup and items that need to be hauled away or back into the house. Most sellers are pretty motivated at the end of their sale to get rid of what’s left, no matter the price.

A Little Small Talk Helps

Set the mood by kindly saying hello as you approach their garage sale. Commenting on the weather or asking them how their day is going is a nice ice breaker. Find things in common with the seller, make them feel comfortable with you and willing to talk. This way if you find something you would like to negotiate, they don’t feel threatened.

More Bang for Your Buck

If you have a decent pile of items that you’ve picked, don’t be afraid to offer them one price for everything. Often times, the seller will cut you a discount if you buy more of their stuff. Have an idea of what you would want to pay in case they ask.

Nicely Show Flaws

If you find a flaw on an item, and kindly show them to the seller, they might be willing to give you a discount. Be careful though, it can be easy to offend them. Maybe mention how it’s okay, you’ll just put a few coats of paint on it, etc. Once they see that you intend to fix it, they may be willing to take less.

Make Reasonable Offers

Going too low on an offer can be insulting. Try to offer a price that is 10%-20% less than the ticket price. For example, you might offer $8 for a $10 item. This is more realistic and you are more likely to get a yes. You will also open the seller’s mind to negotiation with a reasonable offer., An unreasonable one may shut them down before you even get started.

Compliments are Key

Everyone likes to receive compliments. Comment on how organized their sale is, how beautiful their neighborhood is, etc. They will love it and you!